Finding and hiring great people is an intense process. Let us do it for you.

Scouring job boards. Reviewing resumes and applications. Making calls. Interviews and assessments. The list goes on and on…

Recruiting is actually a full-time job, and requires a high level of expertise. But you’re already juggling a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities. Where in the world will you find time to search for a new employee?

That’s exactly why you should call us: We’ve made recruiting and staffing medical professionals our business. And we’re great at it.

What We Do

Our recruiters have years of experience locating top talent in the industries of health care and medicine.

Besides advertising on prominent job boards like Monster and Career Builder, we’re actively engaged on social media. We keep up with the latest developments on LinkedIn — the largest professional network in the world. We continue to network with our existing associates and attend the most popular job fairs. We organize and participate in various events designed to attract a diverse pool of job-seekers.

We do all of this in an effort to find our clients the best people out there.

Going the Extra Mile

After we find a potentially attractive candidate, we invite him or her to our offices for a personal interview. We take the time needed to get to know the person, which involves a careful assessment of skills and experience. After a thorough evaluation, we check references. We speak to past employers and colleagues to inquire about attitude, work ethic, and personal character.

Additionally, we want to understand each candidate’s personal career goals and preferences. We go to great lengths to reach the proper “fit” for both employee and employer, because we’ve learned that employees are most effective when they are happy and motivated. Each candidate’s individual career goals, assets, and preferences are carefully taken into account in every recommendation.

Paperwork’s a headache. We’re the remedy.

Once a candidate is hired, we assume all responsibility for the individual’s:

  • Federal and state taxes, including FICA, SDI and SUI contributions
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Unemployment claims
  • W-2 processing and distribution
  • Wage garnishment processes


When you use BaronHR, you’re getting more than a great new hire. Our professional system works with you, with customized support behind the scenes.

This allows you to focus on your many tasks and responsibilities, and the most important part of your work–the patient.